Who are we?

Robot Talk is a security and systems design consultancy focused on VFX, Film and TV. We specialize in secure infrastructure, tools and workflows for the creative enterprise.

What we do best!

Our specialty is growing and building secure creative organizations.

  • Design and implementation of secure infrastructure
  • Evaluate and plan for the MPA / TPN assessment process
  • Provide guidance and strategy for securing your organization
  • Automation and configuration management of physical and cloud environments


We are working on some cool projects for fun and profit. These are hardware and software based projects for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
If you have:

  • A love of nerdy toys

  • Enjoy gathering data from a distributed network of sensors

  • Enjoy the smell of flux

Email us at labs@robottalk.tv

Some of our clients

Contact Us

Email us at wespeak@robottalk.tv
Call us at (212) 729-1188

Robot Talk
228 Park Ave S
New York NY 10003